Goldworks at Half Moon Bay

The Jewelry business offers us great opportunities to meet and work with incredible individuals.  One of these visionaries is Josh Warshauer, owner of Goldworks at Half Moon Bay in California.  We interviewed Josh to get his take on jewelry, the family business, and some of his amazing experiences.

Gold and Jewelry is in your family!  How long have you been in the business?

My parents opened their store in 1987. I used to walk there after school and do projects rather than take the bus home. In 1993, when I was 12 years old, the local newspaper did an article on me being the heir to the business because I was already fabricating my own designs.

What inspired you to work in jewelry?

Right from the beginning the physical aspect of forging metal was my first love and still is very satisfying when I get the time to work at the bench. The use of the torch specifically fascinates me in so many ways. Once I got a bit older and started on the sales floor, the interaction with the clients and the stories behind the purchases always brightens my days. Now as the owner, the broad range of challenges keeps things fresh and exciting.

Half Moon Bay has become home for you.  What do you think of your community?

I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful community. They have always been supportive of my family over the years. I intend to give back at every opportunity to show my thankfulness to them. Half Moon Bay is a unique and special place to live and the local community represents that very well.

Have you had any interesting client requests that stick out in your mind?

Oh, the stories… We do quite a bit of remounting diamonds as they’re passed from one generation to the next, which often has some history behind it. The repair side also offers some fun circumstances. One gentleman recently needed a ring repaired that was in pretty bad shape. I asked jokingly if it had “been run over by a car?” He looked right at me and replied “why yes, yes it was. Do you think you can fix it?” We did and it actually turned out very nice.

Do you see any trends in what your customers are looking for?

Specifically, yellow diamond rings have been very popular lately and we are fortunate to have a strong selection of them. In a more general sense many of my clients are often looking for unique blending of skills and designs that they might not find elsewhere. Clients are often more educated than in times past so quality and competitive pricing are key.

Which Yael Designs collection is most popular in your store?

As mentioned above the yellow diamond rings have gotten the biggest response, however we have sold a number of different Yael pieces including the emerald and tanzanite collections. We recently completed a couple custom bridal requests that Yael performed beautifully as well.

What would you say makes Goldworks unique in your area?

Without question the one of a kind award-winning collection of jewelry we carry sets us apart from everyone, not just in our immediate area. We also feature some very significant technological advancements such as a live streaming microscope camera and pictures on receipts of every item left for repair. At our roots though, the philosophy is not a new one, just one that is proven to work. We enjoy what we do and try to share the experience with anyone we can. Goldworks is fortunate to be at a great location at the corner on 542 Main St with big double doors and lots of windows allowing for some great natural light. The building itself has a lot of character. Add in custom painted showcases with ocean scenes and you can’t help but fall in love with the place.

Anything else you want to share?

As a graduate of both the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts and GIA along with the years of apprenticing under my parents I truly feel that I am qualified for the responsibility of taking Goldworks into the future. Please come visit often to see all we have to offer now and as we continue to grow since 27 years after my parents 1st opened their original store, I am just getting started.

Here’s how to contact Goldworks:


542 Main Street

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019


 Be sure to check out the amazing designs!



A true legend!  Graff Diamonds are one of a kind



A true legend!  Graff Diamonds are one of a kind

Yael Designs is the Grand Prize Winner of 2014 JCK Awards

We’re proud to announce that Yael Designs is the Grand Prize winner of the prestigious 2014 JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards!

The top award in the jewelry industry was bestowed upon The Baroness, a custom designed cocktail ring featuring a 14.09-carat morganite accented with diamonds and set in 18k rose gold. The Baroness Ring retails for $19,279.

The Baroness Ring was inspired by the luxurious intricacy of Parisian architecture, where Yael Designs’ CEO and chief designer Yehouda Saketkhou draws much of his inspiration.

“We’re very excited to have our custom fine jewelry work recognized by top jewelry influencers through the JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards contest,” said Mr. Saketkhou. “This ring was inspired by Paris, which holds a special place in my heart as the city that first sparked my love affair with the art of jewelry design when I was a young boy.”

The Baroness Ring is a good example of custom design work that we specialize in. Using only the finest quality diamonds, gemstones and metals, we produce some of the most cutting-edge custom fine jewelry pieces that have been recognized through awards for excellent craftsmanship and unique vision.


The award-winning Baroness Ring is featured on the March 2014 cover of JCK Magazine. More information on the ring can be found on

History of the Engagement Ring

There is nothing more breathtaking than that moment when a small box opens and changes the rest of your life.  But where did the practice of giving engagement rings come from?  From modest diamonds to family heirlooms to gems of unrivaled beauty, the engagement ring represents love, loyalty, and strength.  There is also a history as lasting and rich as the diamonds themselves!


Even in pre-historic times there is evidence of man giving braid grasses to his mate to tie around her wrists, ankles, or waist.  This practice is thought to have been about tying the mates’ spirits to one another.  In Ancient Egypt people have been found wearing rings of silver or gold wire on the third finger of their left hands, the finger many cultures today designate as the wedding ring finger.  The wedding ring was not always such a romantic image, as in many cultures it was a way of signifying ownership of a wife and recognition of the legal arrangement binding her to her husband.  But over time the true beauty of two lives united as one began to appear.


In 1477 Archduke Maximillian of Austria’s proposal to Mary of Burgundy is one of the first recorded uses of a diamond engagement ring.  The Archduke used a ring with thin, flat diamonds set in the shape of an “M” to woo his love.  In the 1700s poesy rings, rings engraved with flower sayings, became popular in Europe while across the ocean in the New World Puritans preferred to signify their betrothals with used thimbles.  Rings were see as a luxury and did not coincide with their beliefs, however many thimbles saw their tops sliced off and worn as rings anyway. 


In Victorian England hair and gemstones were used as sentimental tokens of love, spelling out things like “Dearest” with diamonds, emeralds, amethysts, rubies, and more.  Though it was not until 1867 that diamonds saw an increase in supply and demand; when they were discovered in South Africa’s Cape Colony the desire for diamond rings soared.  Within a decade of founding the DeBeers Mining Company Cecil Rhodes would control 90 percent of the world’s diamonds!  From this example of a DeBeers diamond today, it’s no wonder!


In the 19th century diamond rings grew in extravagance and demand.  From the Sears & Roebuck mail-order catalog rings, to the Tiffany & Co. “Tiffany Setting”, a six-pronged ring that would enhance a diamond’s brilliance and vibrancy by raising it up from the rest of the band.  Cartier created the Trinity Ring in 1918 which is still a traditional wedding ring in France, with intertwined bands of pink, white, and yellow gold symbolizing love, friendship, and fidelity. 


Today diamond engagement rings have plenty of competition with colored gem engagement rings, like this Paraiba from our Engagement Collection, and we think this trend is lovely!  In the midst of the diamond ring business there are concerns about exploitation and human rights, so the World Diamond Council was developed in 2000 to help eliminate these issues.  The practice of giving engagement rings has been practiced all over the globe and all throughout time, for many different reasons.  But today the message is simple, engagement rings, no matter the size or shape, mean “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you”.  And that is a sentiment that will withstand the ages!


We have an engagement ring for every kind of bride out there.  Our modern white diamond setting with a fluid band of white gold brings to mind the everlasting nature of love and the flow of that love from one to another.  This simple yet elegant ring reminds us of the never-ending nature of the commitment to our partner.  Another elegant ring from our Novelique collection wreaths one diamond in concentric circles of more.  A setting like this is a reminder that love and support will always surround you as you choose to become a part of someone else’s life.  Besides, there is no such thing as too many diamonds!  For a more traditional taste our 18kt white gold band, studded with diamonds, holds one magnificent gem aloft.  With a ring like this you would always know you stood before anything else in your partner’s mind.  In a ceremony as binding as it is beautiful, engagement rings tell us never to forget to put our life’s love first.

2014 Academy Awards Jewelry and Fashion

What a fantastic night for Hollywood!  We were glued to our screens for this year’s Academy Awards.  From Lupita’s touching acceptance speech to Ellen’s pizza party we couldn’t look away!  The amazing gowns and jewelry was another draw and we have been gushing ever since!  Take a look at some of the incredible pieces and trends we spotted!

Pretty in Pastel


The true star of the night was Lupita Nyong’o who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and she could not have looked more beautiful in her effervescent Prada gown.  The deep neckline and baby blue hue were just stunning!  Jada Pinkett Smith followed suit in her peach Versace ensemble looking like a true Queen!  Kristin Bell’s Roberto Cavalli dress combined an elegant nude color with ruffles that were soft enough to touch! 

Shining Stars


Sparkle was the word of the night!  Before winning Best Actress Cate Blanchett Wow-ed us with her shimmering Armani gown!  Sarah Paulson did the same with her Elie Saab number, complemented by a golden Ferragamo clutch and a winning smile!  As always we were loving Anne Hathaway’s look, a sleek but stunning Gucci outfit with plenty of sparkle.  Kristin Chenoweth went full-glam in Her Roberto Cavalli dress and we could not stop staring!

Off-the-Shoulder Elegance


Many stars went strapless this year, showing off their gorgeous gems of course!  Amy Adams looked dazzling in her Gucci gown with subtle but lovely Tiffany earrings.  Sandra Bullock was channeling Old Hollywood Elegance in her Alexander McQueen dress!  Jennifer Lawrence was as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside in her jaw-dropping Dior gown!

Jewelry Spotlight


This year the amount of jewelry worn at the Oscars totaled over $21 million!  Here are a few of our very favorite pieces!  Charlize Theron was astounding in her black gown but it is the $15 million Harry Winston diamond necklace that caught our eye!  Cate Blanchet’s Chopard opal earrings were the perfect complement to her outfit and her elegant hairdo!  Wearing $3 million’s worth of Neil Lane jewels Jennifer Lawrence brought a smile to our face with her glamorous ensemble!  This yellow diamond bracelet by Tiffany’s was just the right piece to brighten Amy Adam’s outfit!  This year was an amazing year for the Oscars and for fashion everywhere!

A World of Amethyst

We are loving the Radiant Orchid Pantone color this year because we get to show off our favorite amethyst jewelry!  Amethyst is a naturally hard gem which makes it perfect for turning into pendants, earrings, rings, and more!  From pale lavender to a deep plum, amethyst is extremely versatile and matches almost any outfit!  The various shades of purple complement nearly ever skin tone as well, meaning amethyst can be a staple of anyone’s wardrobe!


 Amethyst has a long and rich history, starting with its name which means ‘intoxicated’ in Ancient Greek.  The gem was believed to protect against drunkenness and was often made into drinking vessels or worn while drinking.  Nothing goes better with a glass of wine than an amethyst!  This special stone is also the birthstone for February babies!  We wish a very Happy Birthday to all our February fans!  Vibrant emeralds make the amethyst in this Van Cleef & Arpels art deco ring sing with joy!


This dazzling gem’s history was not limited to Greece, it was enjoyed in Ancient Egypt as well where it was often engraved with different images! For centuries amethyst was included in the cardinal gemstones, those that are most valuable, but once more mines were found, such as in Brazil, it lost some of its value though we still think it is one of the most beautiful gems to be found!  In Medieval times it was worn by soldiers for its healing properties and claim to help one keep calm in trying times.  The sheer beauty of this amethyst necklace by Michelle della Valle has a soothing effect!


Amethyst comes to us mostly from Brazil and Uruguay, where the geodes can be found inside volcanic rocks.  Though much comes from Brazil amethyst can be found in many other places, from Russia, to South Korea, to the United States!  The Empress of Uruguay, pictured here, is the largest amethyst geode ever found!  Standing over eleven feet tall and weighing two and half tons the Empress inspires pure awe, like looking into the expanse of Space!


Because of its history the amethyst has many metaphysical properties.  It has been used as protection against guilt, fear, curses, and even insomnia.  Keeping an amethyst nearby, like our elegant rose gold ring, is sure to give you peaceful dreams!  Still worn by Catholic Bishops, the amethyst symbolizes piety, humility, sincerity, and wisdom in some faiths.  It is also considered the perfect stone to symbolize the Age of Aquarius.  The depth of hue in our pear-shaped ring, complemented by white and rose gold, will inspire your creativity!  Amethyst is also a very powerful healing stone.  It helps one focus their energy and is especially useful in problems with breathing or the heart.  Amethysts in the home can be used to deflect dark energy and celebrate good energy!  Wearing earrings like ours will combine the benefits of both amethyst and emerald!  White diamonds against a dark setting make this amethyst shine with a bright vibrance!

Fabulous Valentine’s Fashion

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  And that means dreams of Love, chocolates, and fashion!  On this day when we celebrate Love, whether it’s for a significant other or for those people in our life that make us happy, we want to look our best!  Check out some of the fab outfits we put together!

Rocket Red


If you’re in a classic mood for V-Day, try this gorgeous diva dress in ruby by Modcloth. Matching red and pink pumps by Modcloth turn this look up!  Baby pink nails in Kennedy by Zoya are the perfect addition to this sweet but sexy look.   Of course no Valentine’s day would be complete without a Yael Morganite!  Our luscious earrings, complete with rose gold and diamond bows, are the image of feminine elegance!  A matching Morganite pendant brings a little bit of whimsy to this outstanding outfit!

Precious Pink


For the coy girl in all of us why not go pink this V-Day?  This flirty frock by Anthropologie is the perfect amount of flounce and frill!  A low v-neck is the perfect way to show off our Labyrinth pendant of rose and white gold!  Silvery heels by Luichiny with just a hint of blush make for a cute and sassy look!  Let the diamond swirls of our matching earrings take you to a world of Love and Charm!

Warm and Cozy


If you’re going casual this year try this scrumptious lacy top by Ann Taylor Loft!  Feminine but comfy these black pants by NY&CO will make your beauty seem effortless!  Black T-strap heels by Madonna are fun to wear and keep your look classic!  Our dashing Morganite pendant brings a little spice to this look with blushing rose gold and vibrant diamonds.  Spirals of rose gold and diamonds make our mesmerizing Morganite earrings even more stunning!

Valentine’s Vixen


Nothing says sexy like a Little Black Dress!  This dazzling number from Express oozes exotic mystery as it forms to every silhouette.  Pewter heels by Jessica Simpson make the perfect accessory, highlighting the glamor of a little sparkle!  Then set this smoky look on fire with our fire opal pendant!  This eye-catching necklace is next to none in terms of perfection!  Our smoldering fire opal ring will look tantalizing on your finger and complete this outfit!

Dreaming of Morganite

As Valentine’s Day approaches we can’t stop thinking about the blushing beauty of Morganite!  This rare pink stone is actually Beryl, which makes it technically a pink emerald!  First discovered off the coast of Madagascar in 1910 it was named Morganite after J. P. Morgan by the New York Academy of Sciences.   Today many Morganites come to us from Brazil, home of beautiful people, beautiful beaches, and the energetic Carnaval!  One of the largest Morganites ever discovered was found in Main, and earned the title “The Rose of Maine”, in 1989.  This 184.2 carat piece was cut from the Rose and is a glorious example of the unique Morganite hue!


Because of its rosy color Morganite is an ultra-feminine gem and the stone of Divine Love.  It is delicate yet powerful and can bring its wearer a sense of inner strength!  When you are feeling over-stressed or experiencing emotional turmoil, turn to the soothing essence of Morganite.  Its gentle hue will conjure images of relaxation and affection.  With this in mind, what better stone to wear this Valentine’s Day than our majestic Morganite pendant?


 One of this year’s Pantone Fashion Colors is spicy cayenne which complements the pink hue of Morganite perfectly!  Our zesty Morganite ring brings in the deeper tones of cayenne for a sense of wild adventure. Rose gold and white diamonds blend together for a piece that is both vibrant and mysterious!


Experiment with Morganite this Valentine’s Day!  Pair the vibrant violet and feisty cayenne of this Modcloth color block dress with the feminine sparkle of our glamorous Morganite pendant. Matching earrings of rose gold and white diamonds will light up your look!  Black and gold heels by Jessica Simpson turn up the dial on your outfit as well as some rosy gold polish by Zoya.  The crowning glory of this look is our rose gold and Morganite ring, swirls of diamonds highlighting your fierce but feminine beauty!


Year of the Radiant Orchid

Color-Master Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2014!  Radiant Orchid is a soft harmony of fuchsia, pink, and purple hues creating a color that sparks inspiration and creativity.  This warm hue complements the full range of skin tones, looking elegant and effortless on everyone.  Orchid is also a wonderful companion to other colors as well, from turquoise to dove grey to hot pink you cannot go wrong!


When it comes to interior design orchid is a chic and sophisticated accent color, warming up an industrial black and grey background.  It is perfect to brighten up every angle of your life!  Adding a gentle feminine touch to any area, orchid turns a cold room into a sleek corner of creativity!  Whether you go for a patterned look like this hallway, or a simple accent wall, radiant orchid is sure to be a great choice!


Not only can radiant orchid brighten up your home but it can also put a fun new spin on your jewelry collection!  Our luscious orchid toned jewelry works with a variety of settings.  Our yellow gold ring is reminiscent of exotic beauty, both wild and refined.  A setting of rose gold, like our chic earrings, is a fashion-forward look for the modern minimalist.  White gold or platinum also make a mystical setting for gems such as rubellite, with white diamonds acting as the perfect counterpart!


Work some radiant orchid into your wardrobe this season as well!  Rock your refined look at the office with a simple but flattering black pencil skirt from Express and this modern, yet feminine, bow-tie blouse from Anthropologie.  This orchid cardigan from Modcloth is the inspiration for your style and matching comfy pumps from JustFab tie the entire look together!  Of course this outfit would not be complete without our whimsical fairy pendant!  A blend of white and yellow gold will brighten your day as this eye-catching piece brightens your look!

Yael Designs Opens Jewelry Gallery in San Francisco’s Union Square

We’re so excited to announce the opening of our jewelry showroom in San Francisco’s popular Union Square neighborhood!!


Our showroom is the first of its kind to open at the famed art gallery building at 49 Geary Street, which houses more than a dozen fine art and photography galleries. Here, we welcome local and visiting jewelry lovers and give art patrons visiting nearby galleries an opportunity to view and learn about the art of fine jewelry design.

We’re located right across the street from boutiques by Paul Smith and Alexander McQueen, making our jewelry showroom the perfect addition to the high fashion neighborhood of Union Square.


“We’re very excited to bring Yael Designs to San Francisco’s prime fashion neighborhood,” said Yael Designs’ CEO Yehouda Saketkhou, who is an avid art collector and a long-time San Francisco resident. “Our position among high fashion boutiques and art galleries gives us a chance to bridge the gap between art, jewelry and fashion, expanding the public’s appreciation of jewelry as an art form.”

The new jewelry gallery is positioned to be the premier stop for customers looking for engagement rings and fashion luxury jewelry.

The jewelry showroom by Yael Designs can be visited by appointment only at 49 Geary St. #234, San Francisco, CA 94108. To schedule an appointment, contact us at (415) 989-9235.